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Business Valuation

The valuation of your business can make or break your next deal.

Whether you’re thinking of selling your business, negotiating a merger or acquisition, seeking additional investors, or estate planning, business valuation is a critical and complex process that demands an in-depth understanding of business strategy, accounting, financial analysis, financial statement forecasting, local market conditions, industry trends, and much more.

Simply put, determining the true, objective value of your business requires a high level of expertise.

As the only CPA firm in our area with a licensed Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), we are proud to be able to offer professionally prepared business valuations.

Our comprehensive business valuation services meet all of the relevant IRS regulations for gift and estate purposes.  We are experts in structuring transactions to maximize tax benefits.

Give us a call today at 530-666-6671 or contact us here to obtain professionally executed business and start up valuation services that help you secure optimal terms.