Estates and Trusts

Estate and trust planning allows you to secure the peace of mind that your assets are not only protected but also directed in accordance with your wishes. Ullrich Delevati, CPAs works with you to manage and protect your estate and ensure that your assets pass onto future generations with the lowest possible tax burden, thereby preserving your wealth.

Our firm approaches estate and trust planning in a proactive and strategic manner. Our objective is to work with you in developing a plan that protects you, your family, your business and your assets. Using an individualized approach, our financial professionals consider your unique situation in developing options that maximize tax savings and minimize both state and federal liabilities. We are available to assist with the design, implementation and administration of your individual estate plans and we endeavor to protect your heirs by greatly reducing the size of your gift and estate tax burden. Also, we provide court mandated trust accountings in the format prescribed by the court.

In addition to our personal estate planning services, Ullrich Delevati, CPAs also offers business succession planning. Our firm helps to ensure your business interests by suggesting courses of action and providing assurances that your business enjoys a smooth continuance, thereby protecting heirs and business associates.

Ullrich Delevati’s estate planning services include:

  • Gift & Estate Planning
  • Estate, Gift & Tax Return Preparation
  • Estate & Gift Tax Planning
  • Preservation of Wealth
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Retirement Planning